Look before you book

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Look before you book admin June 19, 2015

Look before you book

Cost effective… energy-efficient… comfortable… It’s little wonder that bus travel is growing in popularity. And, overall, buses are one of the safest passenger options.

But even one crash is too many – particularly if you, a loved one, or your travel group is affected.

When planning a trip, exciting destinations and fun activities may be top of mind. Business or necessary personal bus travel may put the focus on convenience and cost.

But safety should always be the highest priority…

While the majority of bus operators are responsible and operate safely, there are some that fail to meet safety requirements – putting passengers at risk due to:

  • Buses that are poorly maintained or lack required safety equipment – increasing the likelihood of breakdowns and crashes.
  • Failure to comply with federal safety regulations – such as not using licensed and qualified commercial drivers, or not following Hours of Service rules that keep fatigue-impaired drivers off the road.
  • Failure to hold proper registration, authorizing interstate commercial operations.