Lifestyle Management

Provide the tools & support to make it happen
Lifestyle Management admin August 19, 2021
Lifestyle management
People often want to live healthier, and with Lifestyle Management, we provide them the tools and support to make it happen.
lifestyle management

Lifestyle management program

Our Lifestyle Management program provides assistance with stress, cholesterol, blood pressure, fitness and nutrition as well as supporting your employees’ general health and wellness.
Providing a deeper understanding

The idea is to do more to keep healthy people healthy – and stem the need for expensive medical care in the future. The Preventive PLUS health management coaches are registered nurses and registered dietitians that have previously mastered techniques, like motivational interviewing, that effectively go beyond “good intentions” and drill down to the root issues of poor lifestyle and health management choices.

This deeper understanding serves as a basis for employees to begin taking a proactive role in their health by gradually adopting healthier habits in order maintain their motivation over the long term.

Education is the key

Once identified and implemented, changes to diet and exercise habits, smoking, and better adherence to regular medical care, your employees will experience several “small wins” that gain momentum and stick to make positive lifestyle changes.

Employees are encouraged to get annual check-ups, receive recommended screenings such as: mammograms, flu shots, colorectal cancer screenings, and adopt other preventive measures