Wellness Services

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Wellness Services admin August 19, 2021
Wellness services
Employee assistance
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Health assessment
Preventive PLUS Employee Health Assessments are one of today's most powerful tools for managing employee health. Employee Health Assessments improve everyone's health and provide a benchmark to predict expenses and target health based interventions.
Health contingent wellness program
The Preventive PLUS HX Solutions Health Contingent Wellness Program is a member-centered strategy that promotes member and physician engagement. Member engagement, along with health literacy, is the most effective and efficient strategy to slow down the natural progression of disease.
Lifestyle management
People often want to live healthier, and with Lifestyle Management, we provide them the tools and support to make it happen. Our Lifestyle Management program provides assistance with stress, cholesterol, blood pressure, fitness and nutrition as well as supporting your employees' general health and wellness.
Tobacco cessation
Lung disease is among the most common and costly of all health problems. Smoking costs your employees money, but more importantly, it harms their ability to be productive when on the job.
Weight management
By offering Preventive PLUS’s Employee Weight Management Program, your company can lead the way in facilitating a new business culture of health and wellness that employees can carry into their personal lives.