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About Preventive PLUS admin August 17, 2021
Preventive PLUS is your go-to resource for your company and employees’ health.

For over 30 years, we have provided a holistic approach to your company’s health related needs and are proud of our proven track-record – even within the most heavily regulated industries.

About our medical director

Dr. Liva founded Preventive Plus in 1987 as a medical practice designed to prevent illnesses and injury in employees in the workplace and/or other general populations.

Preventive PLUS health management
Best health and wellness practices

We have a unique occupational health perspective that delivers the best health and wellness practices which will help motivate your employees to better manage their health and wellness, while also improving their work-related exam outcomes.

Health management systems

With the rollout and delivery of the Preventive PLUS health management systems, we will improve overall employee productivity in order for your company to be more efficient. This will also have a positive impact on the overall health of your workforce and their families.

We are industry leaders

We have become an industry leader in the fields of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Programs for corporations, government, labor, and individuals. We are recognized for our high standards and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Personalized health management

Our corporation is not too big to lose sight of your company’s individual needs and we therefore offer a personal level of health, wellness, safety management solutions for your company with a focus on helping you improve your bottom line.