Trucks & buses play critical role in moving our nations economy

Issue Overview:
Nearly every possession we own and almost all of the food we eat are brought to our local store or warehouse by truck. The chances are high that you have ridden a bus between cities or as part of a group to a national park or other attraction. Large trucks and buses, also known as commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), play a critical role in helping move our nation's economy and transporting our loved ones.

With all this commerce and movement, it's no surprise there are more large trucks and buses on the road than ever before. In fact, there are nearly 12 million CMVs registered to operate on America's roadways. 

It's easy to think of all vehicles on the road simply as cars of varying sizes. However, in reality, trucks and buses are much more difficult to maneuver and have massive blind spots. Awareness of these differences, and some simple adjustments in driving behavior, can help all drivers keep the roads as safe as possible. 

While fatal crashes involving large trucks and buses have decreased in recent years, FMCSA's Our Roads, Our Responsibility campaign seeks to educate passenger vehicle drivers   and commercial vehicle drivers on how to improve driving behavior, learn to coexist on the same roadways, and work together to reduce crashes.