Employee Assistance


When employees' minds are at ease, they will give you their full workday effort. When an employee is overwhelmed and stressed by personal or lifestyle situations, they cannot perform their duties effectively.

Employee Assistance Program

Sometimes an employees' performance suffers due to non-work-related problems and it’s in your best interest to support the people you depend upon each day to do their best and bring their full attention to their role within your company.

Fortunately there’s a lot that you can do. Preventive PLUS has the experience and proven results to help you succeed assisting your employees. We will examine the specific nature of your workforce / organization to create an Employee Assistance Program that fits your corporate culture, industry, and budget.

Employee Assistance Program


We know managers need assistance too! Be sure you're providing them the support they need to be their best—on the job and have found that building a great management team extends beyond issues of compensation and performance management. Do your managers need to develop their skills sets? How well do they interact with their subordinates and one another to lead your organization? We see the development organizations managers as a holistic and ongoing effort—one that addresses both your companies and their personal and professional needs.

Preventive PLUS makes unique support available to management teams including specialized newsletters that deliver insight on current health, safety, and productivity challenges, web-based seminars to educate managers around industry developments and trends, and organizational development services to help them maximize their time and effectiveness within your company / organization

Employee Assistance Program


  • HR Professional Consulting & Coaching
  • Motivation Factors
  • Policy Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Formal Referrals
  • Critical Incident Training
Employee Assistance Program

Counseling Services

Addressing issues in the busy lives of your employees requires the right insight and approach.

With more than 29 years of experience helping individuals cope with life's challenging moments, Preventive PLUS's counseling solutions are designed to assist your employees' and we have extensive and specialized expertise.

Employee Assistance Program

Clinical Social Workers

Preventive PLUS has a multidisciplinary staff includes doctors, licensed independent clinical social workers, and mental health specialists experienced in dealing with issues such as:

  • Managing an employees' emotional & workplace stress
  • Employee depression & anxiety
  • Employee workplace tension
  • Employee substance abuse
  • Employee Mental Health In-Patient
  • Employee Mental Health Out-Patient
  • Employee Stress
  • Employee Grief
Employee Assistance Program


Preventive PLUS Health Management has over 29 years of experience training employees across the US to facilitate personal and professional development. Our employee training services change lives by helping employees improve their work performance, engagement and overall communication.

We deliver successful training initiatives on a variety of topics—to the most diverse audiences. We have trainings programs on more than 80 HR, management, financial, legal, and health-related topics, and can put together a customized training regime on virtually any workforce-related subject, including management and organizational training. Our HR specialists factor-in the demographics, occupational characteristics, and other variables of program participants to insure success.

Employee Assistance Program


The Preventive PLUS Work / Life Resource and Referral program helps your employees concentrate at work by providing referrals and support for child care and elder care, which is proven to go a long way toward getting the best from an employee's workday. With the point being that when they're not worried about how things are at home, they're more likely to stay focused and stay productive at work

Preventive PLUS Health Management has the strategies and right connections with some of the best new solutions out there for balancing the demand of work and home life.

Employee Assistance Program


With workplace crises, a decisive action and a proactive response can make all the difference to your brand, corporate culture and corporation. Your response to a workplace crisis can be the difference between employees' returning to their previous levels of performance quickly or worse still a prolonged impairment.

Training HR and other company personnel on how to respond to critical incident stress will help your organization prepare for such occurrences and most importantly put the appropriate protocols in place. A well­ orchestrated crisis response will ultimately strengthen an organization's functioning and foster employee trust.

Employee Assistance Program


In addition to emergency situations, Preventive PLUS Health can provide support for other types of upheaval including:

  • Consultation and support to help manage change or layoff and minimize the adverse impact on remaining employees
  • Web-based training for supervisors on how to manage work groups during a period of change or layoffs
  • Training for employees about managing personal changes
  • EAP counselors can be on­site during the announcement of a reorganization or layoff to assist employees who need it

We understand that your workforces health matters...