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Preventive PLUS has become an industry leader in the fields of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Programs for corporations, government, labor, and individuals, and is recognized for its high standards and comprehensive approach to health care.

Preventive PLUS Immigration Medical Examinations

Immigration Medical Examinations

Preventive PLUS is your U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) designated civil surgeon and is authorized to preform USCIS medical examination.

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Preventive PLUS Independant Medical Examinations

Independant Medical Examinations

Preventive PLUS provides these services to insurance carriers, third-party administrators, employers and risk managers, with an IME solution that meets unique and specific service standards.

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Preventive PLUS Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Blood and urine testing is performed in a reference laboratory certified by State and Federal Agencies. Testing is determined by individual need and risk.

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Preventive PLUS Medical Director Services

Medical Director Services

Our Medical Director Consulting Service is an ideal option for mid-size to large organizations with a focus on prevention.

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Preventive PLUS Substance Abuse Testing

Substance Abuse Testing

Preventive PLUS provides a wide range of substance abuse programs and activities tailored to your unique work environment.

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Preventive PLUS Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

Immunizations have the objective of protecting individuals against some of the diseases to which the general population is exposed.

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Workplace Injury & Illness

Workplace Injury & Illness

Our 29 years’ experience in providing health management services for workers’ compensation cases for companies allows us to bring your employees back into the workplace faster.

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Workplace Examanations Index

We have a unique occupational health perspective that delivers the industry’s best health and wellness practices that will help motivate your employees to better manage their health and wellness while also improving their work-related exam outcomes.

Commercial Driver Medical Certification

Commercial Driver Medical Certification

Starting in May 2014, interstate commercial vehicle (CMV) drivers can no longer get a valid medical certificate from any healthcare provider.

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Preventive PLUS Executive Healthcare

Executive Healthcare

By instituting an active program, your Company can reduce the severity of disease and the direct costs of medical and insurance premiums.

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Preventive PLUS FAA Medical Certification

FAA Medical Certification

Preventive PLUS is your designated FAA Aviation Medical Examiner for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Pilots to receive their airman medical certificates.

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Preventive PLUS Fitness-for-Duty Exams

Fitness-for-Duty Exams

The Preventive PLUS Fitness-For-Duty Examination is a cost-effective way of protecting your valuable human resources.

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Individuals are examined by a Preventive PLUS physician on regular intervals. The content of the exam is determined by legislative mandate (OSHA).

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Preventive PLUS Pre-Placement Exams

Pre-Placement Exams

By utilizing a Preventive PLUS pre-placement examination service, you can be assured that you will have a greater chance of obtaining the right candidate.

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Preventive PLUS Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our programs are designed to take into account a broad range of legal considerations: from handicap discrimination to invasion of privacy.

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Wellness Services Index

Preventive PLUS is your go-to resource for your company and employees’ health. For over 29 years, we have provided a holistic approach to your company’s health-related needs. We are proud of our track record.

Preventive PLUS Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance

When employees’ minds are at ease, they'll give you their full work-day effort. When an employee is overwhelmed and stressed by personal or lifestyle situations, they can't perform their duties effectively.

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Preventive PLUS Health Assesment

Health Assesment

Employee Health Assessments improve everyone's health and provide a benchmark to predict expenses in order target health-based interventions.

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Preventive PLUS Health Contingent Wellness Program

Health Contingent Wellness Program

The Preventive PLUS HX Solutions Health Contingent Wellness Program is a member-centered strategy that promotes member and physician engagement.

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Preventive PLUS Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management

Our lifestyle management program provides assistance with stress, cholesterol, blood pressure, fitness, and nutrition in order to support your employees’ general health and wellness.

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Preventive PLUS Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation

Smoking costs your employees’ resources, but more importantly it costs them their health and affects their on-the-job productivity.

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Preventive PLUS Weight Management

Weight Management

With adults in the United States spending more than half of their waking life at work, this provides employers a unique opportunity to impact the health and wellness of their employees.

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Population Health Management Index

Preventive PLUS is not too big to lose sight of your company’s individual needs and offers a personal level of health, wellness, and safety management solutions.

Preventive PLUS Analytics


Preventive PLUS Health Management Analytics group designs, delivers, and operates advanced analytics to help payers and providers meet their most pressing needs.

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Preventive PLUS Care Management

Care Management

The goal of care management is to achieve an optimal level of wellness and improve coordination of care while providing cost-effective, non-duplicative services.

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Preventive PLUS Disease Management

Disease Management

It’s a well-known fact that people with chronic conditions normally use more healthcare resources, including physician visits, hospital care, and prescription drugs

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Preventive PLUS Total Absence Management

Total Absence Management

Preventive PLUS can assist the needs of your organization, including all federal and state-specific leave administration as it pertains to FMLA.

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We understand that your workforces health matters...