Workplace Injury & Illness

Workers' Compensation Management & Care Coordination Team

We understand that your employees' health & productivity are important to the success of your organization.

Workers Compensation Management & Care Coordination Team

With over 29 years of experience in providing health management services for workers' compensation cases for companies, we bring your employees' back into the workplace faster than most of our competitors. This is achieved through: the initial examinations: continual follow up with the employee, the company, and insurance company adjuster; and modifications to treatment plan’s where required and immediate actions plans. These are just some of the features and benefits that your company and employees will experience from choosing with Preventive PLUS.

Workers Compensation Management - Goals of Our Workers Compensation Management

Goals of Our Workers Compensation Management

Facilitate a productive interaction between the injured employee, company, and the insurance adjuster.

  • Provide timely & detailed status reports to the designated human resources representative
  • Monitor the employees' progress closely, while modifying the treatment plan as required
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Coordinate and structure a network of Urgent Care Centers to treat most of your companies employee needs
  • Provide oversight on these clinics to assure quality and proper reporting procedures
  • Improve patient safety and reduce errors in the workplace
  • Increase quality of care by deploying health information technology systems
  • Achieve total health care cost savings by: decreased absenteeism; reduced over use of health services, reduce duplication of health management services; all while improving the overall health of the organization at the same time reducing the need for health management services
Workers Compensation Management - Role of the Patient Advocate

Role of the Patient Advocate

Facilitate productive interactions between the injured employee, their treatment provider, the company, and the insurance adjuster

  • Review medical records and claims
  • Patient education relating to the specific health issues and injuries
  • Consultation with current providers relating to your case with the view of resolving issues or road blocks related to the healthcare plan and/or difficulty in the diagnosis
  • Monitor recommended treatment plan and related testing, drug therapies, and procedures
  • Ensure timely and appropriate testing and that therapies are approved and initiated as required
Workers Compensation Management - Role of the care team

Role of the care team

  • Coordination of medical records
  • Assistance in setting appropriate referrals and second opinions as required
  • Expedite the treatment of the employees' health issue with the view of returning them to health and back into the workplace as soon as possible



The Workers Compensation Management Program Costings are based on an hourly fee schedule that is broken into 3 tiers:

  • MD
  • RN
  • Associated Staff

The billable time will be based on time spent to report on each employe’s visit, consultation with the employe’s care team, and care coordination for the employee.

We understand that your workforces health matters...