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Preventive PLUS has become an industry leader in the fields of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Programs for corporations, government, labor, and individuals, and is and is recognized for its high standards and comprehensive approach to health care.

Preventive PLUS - About Preventive PLUS

About Preventive PLUS

Preventive PLUS is your go-to resource for your companies and employee’s health, we have for over 29 years now been providing a holistic approach

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Preventive PLUS - Aout Our Founder

About Our Founder

With the healthcare industry traditionally being focused on illness as opposed to prevention, Dr. Liva created Preventive Plus in 1987 as a medical practice

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Preventive PLUS - Mission Statement

Misssion Statement

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Preventive PLUS - FAQs


Have a question? You may well find the answer with-in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Preventive PLUS - Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service Agreement (the "TOS") is a legally binding agreement that shall govern the relationship with our users...

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Preventive PLUS - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We understand that medical information about you and your health is personal. We are committed to protecting medical information about you.

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We understand that your workforces health matters...